LabDirect Services

How it works

1. Labs ordered in Labrad Lab Management Portal.

2. Nurse or qualified medical personnel perform lab draw at home or in skilled nursing facility.

3. Lab samples centrifuged, processed, and packaged using lab provided shipping materials.

4. Lab samples shipped overnight to testing laboratory. 

5. Labs received at testing facility and testing begins.

6. Labs reported to ordering provider the same day (most tests). 

7. Ordering provider can view lab results and order labs anytime, anywhere using our Lab Management Portal.


1. Manage all labs in once place with one lab.

2. Keep nursing and medical staff in charge of collecting and managing labs.

3. Reduce COVID virus exposure to patients.

4. Control expenses on facility responsible lab services. 

Laboratory provided supplies

1. Needles, Hubs, Tubes, Gauze, Tape, Alcohol wipes, and Tourniquets.

2. Shipping costs.

3. Lab Portal to manage and print requisitions.

4. Phone, Email, and Online Chat support

Ready to get started?

Complete the following LabDirect Form and we will set up your account and ship your company the required supplies to get started! We will also set your company up with competitive pricing for self-pay and Long Term Care facility responsible lab services.